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Your EPR should help you get more out of your data?

Built on the Fusion AI platform, Agyle delivers real time data insights in a clinical setting. Agyle provides Trusts with improved access to their data, a rules-based system supporting clinical decisions, plus advanced machine learning capabilities. 

A new type of EPR

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We think EPR should mean more

Delivering an EPR in today’s challenging environment requires systematically tackling all the challenges EPRs have faced for decades, including facilitating ease of use, reduced errors, information security, affordability and simpler deployment. This involves modern and innovative ways of working that Agyle has adopted, born out of our user led approach

Your deployment sets the tone for your user experience

We believe your experience of Agyle should be consistently excellent from day 1. Our deployments are as flexible and rapid as you need them to be, while never compromising the core experience and patient safety. Training, for example, is far simpler with out easy to use system.

Procurement shouldn’t be a barrier

Agyle EPR is available to procure via the OJEU compliant NHS National Digital Enablement Public Sector framework: OJEU Ref. F/050/DTS/21/MH

Another framework is the following: NHS Supply Chain Medical IT Systems Ref. 2020/S 114-277934

So what’s different about Agyle?

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