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A new kind of EPR

The NHS has a complex digital journey ahead of it

In 2022, 81% of NHS trusts still have not reached the level of digitisation required, and for those that have, and for those that have, how many can claim to truly have prioritised NHS clinical outcomes?

A new type of EPR

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Built for the NHS

The journey towards completely digital will enable the NHS to benefit from intelligence-led, user-centric patient care. Whether it’s our rapid and flexible deployments, our network of 400+ best of breed partners or our cost effective NHS-centred approach, Agyle is designed for the NHS.

A new approach to EPR

Built on the Fusion AI platform, our paperless solution, real-time patient flow data and fully mobile working ensure Agyle looks very different to your typical EPR. Our users can access a full suite of modular applications that are constantly evolving and growing around your specific needs.

The digital transformation journey

As your partner on the digital transformation journey, the EMRAM scale provides a valued mechanism to chart your progress. Agyle has been a key part of the HIMSS level 5 accreditation in Liverpool.

Return on investment

Our cost-effective solution is driven around meaningful business cases with benefits that are realistic, achievable, proven and ready for you to start realising immediately.

Read about how one of our customers started realising their ROI from day one

Learn more about our focus on outcomes

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